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Montessori At Work

What exactly the children do at this time?

During work period, the students are working independently while the teachers give individual or small group lessons. At this time, teacher must not interrupt the children while they are working.

In primary/early childhood classrooms, lessons are given to children individually. Children move around the classroom selecting work from the shelves. They may work on a table or on the floor, with a rug. After selecting a material, they bring it carefully to the workspace, and use the material as they have previously been taught. Children know they are responsible for putting the materials back neatly and selecting their next work independently. At this age, children are typically focused on their own work and may engage in what is called ‘parallel play’. This can be defined as working and playing beside one another while focusing on their own individual work.

At the elementary level the basic structure is the same, lessons are more often given in small groups, and children prefer to work with one another. While there is a great emphasis on choice and self-directed learning, children in elementary classrooms are expected to meet certain academic standards.

Regardless of the level, the work cycle gives children a chance to develop autonomy, make choices, and find genuine joy in their work. Teachers hold this time as sacred, and it allows children to dive deeply into learning.


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